Club Centenary

In TBSC News by Hugh Brook

As you may know, in 2019 TBSC will be 100 years old! Many special events are being planned, one of which is the publication of a book about our club’s first 100 years. While six years hence may seem a long way away, much of the groundwork needs to start now. And this is where you can help: we would like to hear from you, with your anecdotes about special club events and your photographs for possible inclusion in the book. Please be guided by thinking ‘would this story/photo interest others?’

If you know people who were formerly associated with the club, please forward this request to them. Whilst we can’t promise to include every story, we do want the book to reflect what the club means to our wider membership, so we really would like to see your special story/photo about an aspect of our club’s history. Even sending one line: “Don’t forget to include when X did….” would help.

We’ll be giving you plenty of reminders but please start thinking now–what stories should this book tell? Please send your ideas to Shirley Reekie. Older members may wish to speak to Shirley rather than writing it all down and she is happy to do this and will be in Trearddur during August. Please contact Shirley on