First Aid Course

In TBSC News by Hugh Brook

The first weekend of the season is always notoriously busy, with the dedication service, the first races of the season, the burgee, the boatyard BBQ, and that’s before all the boat rigging and last minute pre-race tweaking! Therefore, when the committee decided to arrange a First Aid Course for the first Saturday, we wondered where to fit it in, and whether anyone would have time to come! However, we needn’t have worried. Emergency CPR, and what do in those thankfully rare, but terrifying, situations that unfortunately have happened over the last year or so, is absolutely vital for all of us. Ably led by Sam Sandow, we had 5 stations, each featuring a different emergency situation: CPR, how to use a defibrillator, CPR for a child/infant, what to do in case of drowning, and the recovery position/when to use it. Everyone was given a demonstration, and then were able to practice each scenario for themselves – a special mention must go to Phil Brown and Steve Royle, both of whom were our live test dummies for the whole session, and endured a fair amount of prodding and poking!

28 people signed up beforehand, and over 60 people turned up on Saturday morning! The feedback was overwhelmingly positive, with the key message being that people feel much more confident if presented with such a situation over the forthcoming season and the year ahead. The Bay is fortunate to have some brilliant medical minds within it, with special thanks to Doctors Sam Sandow, Caroline Rimmer, Kerry Parton, Suzanne Halliday, and all 4 Royles – Steve, Tracy, Kim and Leanne. I’ve got a feeling we will be calling on you again for Summer 2017!!

By Isabel Evans