Myths were first raced in Trearddur Bay in 1920, a year after the Sailing Club was formed.  They are One Design 14 foot clinker built open boats, quirky craft but great fun.  Like the Seabird Half Raters, there are over 30 in the fleet but unlike them, Myths are only ever raced in Trearddur Bay, minimum crew of two.  44 have been built in all, the most recent in 2011.  The fleet was in decline in the 1980s and numbers racing went as low as six or seven.  However its popularity increased again in the next decade to such an extent that a new one was built by John Jones in 1996, the first to be built since 1960.  Since then, he has built a further thirteen and the fleet is thriving – active, competitive and loved, as much for the social life enjoyed therein as for the fun of sailing them.

The Trearddur Bay 14 ft dinghy or ‘Myth’ class is an attractive Morgan Giles clinker design dating from 1920.  It is keenly sailed at Trearddur Bay Sailing Club on Anglesey, North Wales and has a thriving racing fleet.

Class Secretary

Nicko Williams –

2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2012 2013 2014 2015
Myth Average 15.1 16.2 14 16.6 14.7 18.5 21.3 19.6 19.1
Maximum 19 22 19 23 20 26 30 23 25
Total Boats Raced 24 24 27 26 27 33 31 30 28